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A place where two or more routes of transportation form a junction or intersection.
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Popular Crossings

Riverside Ford in Cook County, IL Man-made
Newport Ferry (historical) in Hamilton County, OH Man-made
The Subway in Washington County, UT Man-made
Downtown Crossing in Suffolk County, MA Man-made
Cave in Rock Ferry in Hardin County, IL Man-made
Merrimac Ferry in Sauk County, WI Man-made
Browns Ferry (historical) in Hardin County, TN Man-made
Grand Isle Ferry in Clinton County, NY Man-made
Jackson Ford in Lauderdale County, AL Man-made
Bridgeport Ferry in Suffolk County, NY Man-made
Hoosac Tunnel in Berkshire County, MA Man-made
Rocky Ford in Oconee County, SC Man-made
Balboa Ferry in Orange County, CA Man-made
Akers Ferry (historical) in Talbot County, MD Man-made
Jones Ford (historical) in Franklin County, TN Man-made
Three Island Crossing in Elmore County, ID Man-made
Island Ford in Anderson County, TN Man-made
Martins Ferry (historical) in Fulton County, GA Man-made
King's Ferry (historical) in Rockland County, NY Man-made
Millers Ferry (historical) in Tallapoosa County, AL Man-made